Our general dentistry services range from teeth cleaning to oral surgery. There is a lot involved with each of those processes. Whether you need a tooth extracted or a routine cleaning, Ashley Dental has a trained and experienced team that will be sure to walk you through the entire process. In some cases, patients will need to undergo anesthesia, which is why we take every precautionary measure to ensure your safety. Our general dentistry services include the following:

  • Oral surgery – This service is used to correct a number of issues and our entire team contributes to ensure every surgery goes smoothly.
  • Root canal – Our procedure is painless and effective. Root canals require multiple visits to complete the entire process.
  • Tooth extraction – We have been able to make the process of extracting teeth a quick and efficient one that benefits our patients.
  • Teeth cleaning – This regular service is considered a form of preventative maintenance as we aim to help our patients maintain healthy teeth.

A Safe And Relaxing Environment

The practice of general dentistry at Ashley Dental adheres to all the proper rules and regulations. Our staff takes every precautionary measure to protect the health of our patients. We have created a safe and relaxing environment so that our patients can get the most out of their experience. Patients can always expect the following at Ashley Dental:

  • Sanitized equipment and tools
  • Safe administration of anesthesia
  • Proper disposal of dentistry waste products
  • Strict compliance to medical standards
  • Clean and protected examination rooms

General dentistry covers a variety of services, each of which is essential for proper oral hygiene. At Ashley Dental, we strive to keep patients from requiring root canals and teeth extractions. This is done by providing regular checkups, which includes x-rays. Our teeth cleaning is a comprehensive general dentistry service and we will also fill any existing cavities you may have. This is typically done during a follow-up visit. When it comes to fillings, we can provide a composite filling that will blend right in with the color of your teeth.

Insurance Coverage & Financing Options

Our general dentistry services are covered by many insurance plans and we also have financing options available. General dentistry does not have to cost a fortune at Ashley Dental. We are also happy to provide each patient with preventative care tips to keep their teeth looking beautiful and healthy. We also provide the following for our patients:

  • State of the art dental equipment
  • Comfortable and clean patient rooms
  • Helpful and courteous customer service
  • Assistance with appointment scheduling
  • Answers to all patient questions

Whether you are in need of crowns, fillings or a simple cleaning, we invite you to make use of our general dentistry services. Coincidentally, there is nothing general about the way we treat our patients. We provide every patient with the time and care they deserve.

Redefining Dentistry One Patient At A Time

It is also common for patients to be uncertain or even fearful of what to expect. We strive to make every patient as relaxed as possible. General dentistry services do not have to be something people dread, as a trip to Ashley Dental can redefine how people view going to the dentist.

Ashley Dental houses a team of dental assistants and customer associates that assist in making every visit a positive experience. From the time patients walk through our door, they are treated with care. Since general dentistry is a common practice for people of all ages, it is our goal to make every experience a good one.

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